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Automotive Service
Whether you’re looking for oil changes to brake repair or to wheel alignment, our experienced team of automotive experts are on hand to provide a full automotive servicing for your vehicle. We work on all makes and models of cars; from local, foreign, hybrids, manual or automatic transmissions and etc.
Battery Change
We provide a convenient battery testing and replacement service to get you back on the road as soon as possible. From battery replacement, charging, installation, testing, and recycling – we can handle it all; including changing your depleted car battery on-site.
Auto A/C Repair
If your A/C is working at reduced efficiency, or not keeping up with the hot weather, there could be a variety of components that could be in need of repair; including hose pipes, belts, radiator, coolant system or so on. Don’t let the temperature in your vehicle make you miserable. Let us examine your vehicle and keep your systems working at its top performance.
Brake Repair
A vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important safety features, and we want to make sure that you stay safe. Whether your brake pads need replacement or your brake light is on, visit us at our service center and we’ll give you a prompt diagnosis of the ABS anti-lock braking system’s safety and reliability.
Engine Repair & Diagnostics
We take ‘check engine light’ notices seriously. It’s always a good idea to stop by and have your engine checked out with our on-board diagnostics system. We can help with all your engine repair, overhaul, replacement or servicing needs. From simple matters like a loose gas cap, to a cooling system malfunction or even a complex transmission issue, our team can help to give you the highest quality of servicing to get your car back on the road.
Tyre Change
We offer a wide variety of services including tyre replacements and safety checks. Working with major tyre brands, such as Continental, Michelin, Bridgestone and Yokohama to name a few, we bring you high-quality and reliable products and solutions for vehicles of all makes and models.
Wheel Alignment
Without a proper wheel alignment, your fuel economy and tyre life, the overall performance of your vehicle can suffer. Using state-of-the-art wheel alignment technology, our team is able to ensure that the alignment measurements are extremely precise and accurate. We also provide comprehensive tyre services including rotation, alignment and balancing of your tyres.
Wheel Balancing
Balance is the key to a happy life, and this is even more true for tyres. Correctly balanced wheels don’t just keep you driving smoothly; they also reduce noise, vibration, and premature tread wear. If you feel you have unbalanced tires, or your handling feels off, stop by and let us check your wheel balance. We also provide comprehensive tyre services including rotation, alignment and balancing of your tyres.